Here's what a few of the clients and candidates we have worked with have to say about
Case Recruiters:
Caren Foster, Recruiter, Willis
Knighton Health Systems
"It has truly been my pleasure to get
to know you and to work with you.
Your knowledge of urology and what
candidates are looking for made my
job much easier! And you found us a
wonderful candidate and were such a
big part of our signing him."
Dr. Mike Brant, Urologist
"I thought that you were very helpful to me
and I am glad that you are in this
business.  I appreciated the way you
treated me as a professional who
needed the insight and guidance of
another professional to reach my goals
and get a truly satisfying job.  I felt that
you took the time to listen to the specific
goals and job requirements that I was
looking for, not just showing me any old
available position.  Being able to provide
prospective on appropriate offers, review
the various contracts and answering
questions regarding a number of jobs
was a big advantage."
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
Dr. Loren Smith, Urologist
"I had a SUPER recruiter who really
took the time to understand my
Janice Yagla, Physician
Placement, Wheaton Franciscan
"I have worked with Michael Case for 16
years and have always found her to be
knowledgeable, professional and
creative in finding candidates that are
exactly what we need.  From the
physician side, I think that candidates
find the same qualities in her and
appreciate her work in finding them
exactly what they want.  Besides all of
that, she is upbeat and fun to work with.  
I would recommend her for any search
as she puts a lot of effort and dedication
into what she does."
Elizabeth Bell, Director of
Physician Services, Corvallis
"You are such a great recruiter!"
Dr. Stephen W. Leslie, Urologist
"With Michael there is real thought about
any new opportunity and how well it fits
ME!  She has been the single most
professional recruiter I've ever worked
with.  She doesn't waste my time with
offers that clearly won't meet my needs.  I
can highly recommend her without
Dr. Daniel Rukstalis, Director of Urology Services and Residency,
Geisinger Health System
"Urologic recruiting has become increasingly difficult, particularly for a rural health care
network.  Case Recruiters provides a high quality personalized recruiting service that is
successful in identifying quality individuals and representing our opportunities in such
a thorough way that we continue to fill positions with talented candidates."