Urologists: Let Us Find You The Perfect Job!
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
Case Recruiters is a specialty recruitment firm dedicated solely to urology
search. Our comprehensive (and ongoing) research in the field allows us to
maintain a current database of
every open urology position in the
United States.
 (To see some of the jobs we're currently working on filling,
click here.)

Not only do we know where the jobs are, we can usually tell you:

  • The details of their compensation packages (including benefits);
  • The size of the group;
  • The formulas they use to determine earnings and signing bonuses;
  • Their student loan repayment offers;
  • The specialties within the groups;
  • Whether or not they have or soon will have a Da Vinci robot;
  • What their turnover is, and
  • Why they are seeking a new member.

If you would like someone knowledgeable to do the legwork for you in your
search for a new position, call Michael Case at
877-404-3842 and
send your CV!