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A Good Urologist Is Hard To Find.
At Case Recruiters, we focus all our energy and time on knowing the
urology market and
understanding the job urologists do.  We talk to
every single day.

We know what urologists require in a job, what the latest trends are,
what the residents are talking about and what the experienced
urologist understands about his specialty.  We also maintain an
up-to-date database of all currently interviewing urologists and all
open urology positions across the country. All of this provides the firm
with the ability to secure
strong candidates who are good matches for
their clients.

Most importantly, when you contract with Case Recruiters you'll know
that you have our firm commitment to be your advocate in the urology
market.  To learn more about the methodology we call
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The Urology Recruiters
Baby boomers are aging, and the need for urologists is increasing.  
Unfortunately, it is projected that over 55% of the United States'
currently practicing urologists will be retiring in the next five years.  
Only 235 new urologists complete their residencies in any given year.  
Supply is diminishing while demand grows.

This creates fierce competition among hospitals and clinics to meet
their patients' needs, and it creates a bewildering plethora of open
positions for the job-seeking urologist.

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