Advocacy Search: Let Us Be Your Advocate
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
The advocacy search is a fully retained, non-exclusive search that focuses
all its energy on filling a select group of clients' searches. Case Recruiters
accepts only a limited number of advocacy searches at any one time.
Michael Case, the owner, personally conducts and completes her clients'
searches, assisted by a
crack squad of recruiters, researchers, and
administration s

The cost of the advocacy search is all-inclusive, meaning it includes the
costs of all mailings, advertising, marketing efforts such as job fairs, and
email and fax contacts. Clients can elect to have Case Recruiters represent
them at the AUA Annual Urology Conference for an additional fee.

Advocacy search works hand in hand with a client, from the development of
a position profile to the final step of a candidate signing a relocation
agreement. As a team, we create marketing approaches, contact
candidates the client would rather not approach directly, attend urology
conferences and job fairs, talk to residency program directors, mine the
databases of advertising sources, and contact urologists on a daily basis.

In 2007 our searches included: a solo general urology position in
Fairbanks, Alaska; a robotics urology search in Katrina-devastated New
Orleans; a partnership opportunity with a low starting salary in Pocatello,
ID; and a multi-specialty group position in Shreveport, Louisiana, which we
filled with a military urologist living in Spain. Because urology searches have
become so difficult, our clients often include those with their own large
in-house recruitment programs; they come to us because we get the job

A colleague once asked me why, when we at Case Recruiters pride
ourselves on successfully filling searches, we accepted an advocacy search
for a solo physician in Fairbanks, Alaska. I told her it was because they had
a great need and I was the best shot they had of finding someone. We
filled the search within four months.