Urology Recruitment: An Overview
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
Urology recruitment is different from other kinds of physician recruitment;
fifteen years of experience tells us that. Urologists are careful, caring,
precise individuals who take nothing for granted and who want clear
answers to their questions.

Only 235 urologists complete their residencies in any given year, and many
of those go on to fellowships - particularly now that most want additional
training in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Half of the urologists in the country are OVER the age of 50 and planning to
retire soon. Baby boomers are now approaching or over that age and need
urologists more than ever. That means a greater and greater need for
urologists to fill positions, but a smaller and smaller group of available

Urologists often start their job searches as soon as they start their five
year residency. By the time they start their fourth year, they are in high
gear and want to make their decision by December of that year and get a
contract signed by that spring.

Five years ago, before candidates began using the internet to job search,
they would often interview two or three places before accepting a position.
Now they often interview 8 to 10 places before committing. Having a
candidate interview is just the first step in a long process necessary to sign
a candidate. The entire process is crucial, and must be a priority to be
successful.  Only an expert and diligent search will find you the urologist
you need.

Because urologists enjoy such a strong job market and have such good
choices open to them, they are becoming very specific in their
requirements. Each candidate we source is important and his or her needs
must be considered fully. A lost candidate might mean it will be another
year before you will see someone who wants specifically what you offer.