Hot Job in Urology: South Bend, IN
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Are you ready to take the next big step in your career as a urologist? Are you skilled, organized, and
confident that you know how a successful, progressive urology department should be built and
Would you like to make enough money to be in the top 25% in the country in
urology earnings?

If so, you probably know that having the right components in place is crucial to making a department
successful. You need smart, experienced top-management who are willing to listen and respectful of
your guidance. You need a group with the money to equip the department properly. You need a built-in
referral base, excellent support staff, and a willingness and eagerness from other specialty team
members to help you make it happen. And you need a group recruiter who can bring you the right people
to build it.

This leadership position with Beacon Health System has all of these pieces in place!
Everything and everyone you need to build yourself the strongest, most respected urology department in
the Midwest. Best of all, the two hospitals rank in the top 5% nationally in terms of patient safety: Elkhart
General Hospital, a 365-bed facility, is ranked as the top hospital in the state for cardiac care, and
Memorial Hospital, a 526-bed facility, received the Consumers Choice award for the 10th year running.

Sound appealing ? Then let's move on to the critical question: Is it in a desirable location? And the answer
is a resounding yes!

Beacon Health is in South Bend IN - the
home of Notre Dame University plus seven other
colleges and universities.
South Bend has a population of over 100,000 people with a
community size of 250,000
with a service area of 500,000. It is located just 40 miles to the beaches
and marinas of Lake Michigan, and an hour and half from downtown Chicago. On top of that, the South
Shore line runs right to Millennium Station in downtown Chicago so you don't even have to drive.

When you are ready for relaxation and fun, South Bend offers everything you could want. Summer
brings you Cubs minor league baseball games, swimming, water skiing and boating in the two local lakes,
plus a white-water rafting park right downtown! In the winter you have downhill and cross-country
skiing, as well as hockey and Notre Dame University football tailgating! Museums beckon, from the
HealthWorks Kids to the South Bend Art Museum. Other cultural opportunities include the River Bend Film
Festival, dance, symphony, theatre, the list goes on and on...  

If you have dreamed of having it all, call Michael Case today at 512-535-1779
and send your CV to