Hot Job in Urology: Hays, KS
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If you want a truly outstanding job in one of the few remaining places in America where the word
“community” still means deep, long-lasting connections; where co-workers, administrators, neighbors,
and your kids’ teachers and sports coaches all quickly become trusted friends – you should look at this
opportunity, even if you’re not yet familiar with Kansas. And if you already know and love Kansas,
you're one step ahead of the game.

The town of Hays, in the Sunflower State of Kansas, awaits the arrival of a new urologist to join a
thriving, long-standing practice at its
breathtakingly beautiful hospital. And with a salary of $500K,
you’ll be able to buy ruby slippers for the whole family! (Sorry Kansans, couldn’t resist...)

So what makes this job so outstanding? Here are just the bare bones:

No competition for patients. This is the only practice in a service area of 150,000.
•        Long-standing group (28 years) with excellent community reputation
•        Join four other urologists.
Call of 1:5.
•        Underutilized daVinci robot
•        Mid-level handles urodynamics and other time-consuming tasks
•        Secure
hospital employment
    o        Starting package includes:
    o        $500,000 salary that does NOT switch to a production model after the guarantee period
    o        $50,000 sign bonus
    o        Generous loan repayment program
    o        6 wks PTO plus holidays
•        No commute – walk from your office to the OR
•        Opportunity to teach med students and general surgery residents

Recently renovated and expanded, Hays Medical Center has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. It
also boasts something quite extraordinary: the Hadley Foundation Art Collection with more than 400
works of art. You can enjoy a coffee break viewing award-winning sculptures and paintings!

As for the town itself, Hays has top-notch schools and very low crime, and the word “traffic” is rarely
heard. But because it is a university community, Hays offers a much richer lifestyle than many towns its
size. Fort Hays State University showcases the gamut of fan-favorite college sports such as football
and basketball, and the university’s Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center presents traveling plays,
musicals, ballet ensembles, and concerts throughout the year.

Hays has a vast array of outdoor recreation, including an abundance of hunting and fishing
opportunities, skiing, tubing and more on two beautiful lakes, and an 18-hole golf course at Smoky Hill
Country Club.

Hays also features a regional airport with daily 45-minute hops to Denver if you’re ready to take a long
weekend for some prime skiing or want easy access to connecting flights.

But the most important thing about Hays is that people love to live there. And this is your chance to have
an incredibly rewarding job in this warm, welcoming, safe community. You'll be truly happy to call Hays
home. And we hope you can excuse the Kansas cliché, but there really is no place like it.

To learn more, please call Laurie Schlesinger at 512-961-0009 and send your CV to