Like New York City? Well, you could move there,
and on a urologist's salary maybe even afford a 2-bedroom condo!
Why is this job better than being right in the middle of
A -
Low cost of living.
B - Enough patients to go around.
C - A daVinci with enough access you can actually use it!
D -
Peace of mind.
E - The city is still completely accessible -- an easy hour
and a quarter away.

If you love NYC but want to make enough money to enjoy
it, then
read on. Because fighting over patients or daVinci
access can drive you crazy in the city, not to mention the
hectic pace of life. Why not live just outside it and go in
when you want to shop or or see a pro game or enjoy a
Broadway show? In this practice, you can do just that.
Hot Job in Urology: East Stroudsberg, PA
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
Join two highly skilled and well-trained urologists who have
been together a long time, get along well, and are
looking forward
to mentoring a new partner
in their brand new office space.
This practice is one of the most highly regarded and well respected
in town. Work out of a recently renovated 200-bed hospital that has
a brand-new cancer center and outstanding equipment, including a
new daVinci and EMR system on the horizon.  Even better is the
opportunity to invest in ancillary services, which will add a lot
to your bottom line. There are ancillary profits available in the
lithotriptor, the surgical center, both offices, and potentially even in
a national lab.

And what to do in East Stroudsberg? Well, you can send your kids
exceptional schools, either private or public. You can ski all
r and boat and play golf all summer at highly ranked golf
courses. Explore the nearby
Delaware Water Gap National
Recreation Area
, nestled in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains,
a 67,000 acre park that constitutes the largest designated
recreation area in the eastern United States. And because this is a
tourist destination, you can eat at
superb restaurants any night
of the week.  All that,
less than 90 minutes from NYC and just a
little more to Philadelphia!
Call Laurie Schlesinger today at 512-961-0009 to find out how
you can take advantage of the best of both worlds, in the gorgeous Poconos.
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