The perfect position for an experienced urologist
interested in relaxed small-town living.
Hot Job in Urology: Centralia, IL
Case Recruiters
The Urology Recruiters
Life can be sweet when you are older – especially if you have the right job! A place you can make $600K
a year
– and start at $400,000. A place where you can live in a beautiful house on a tree-lined lake just
five minutes from the hospital, where you can dock your boat and waterski after work. A place with a
soft mild climate – like that in Kentucky – and an international airport just an hour away. What could be

Would it seem sweeter to know that half the docs in town are over 50 and about your age? Would it be
sweeter to know your town is where physicians from the whole region go to relax and get away? To
fish a little. Maybe hunt if that is what they like? Would it be sweeter if you could
drive to St. Louis in
an hour
on weekends to attend plays and the symphony, go to museums, shop in the country’s best
stores, and attend pro sports games? Or jump on Amtrak, have a couple of drinks, read a good book and
be in Chicago in four hours? Can you feel your shoulders getting looser?

This position is tailor made for the older doc who wants to work
reasonably hard and make a good
without the pressure of running the practice and billing patients. This is an employed position
where the hospital takes care of all those headaches and pays you well to be the good urologist and
surgeon you know you are. This is a smaller town where traffic is non-existent, life is
and the living is sweet. You ought to check this position out.
It will be gone by summer.
Call Michael Case at 877-404-3842 for more details and send her your CV at
Do it today and start having a better life by the time the trees start to leaf out next spring.
You will be happy you did.